You MUST Know…

You are not capable “in spite” of what you’ve been through, you are extraordinary because of it

Branding is a fancy word for storytelling. If you know your story, you know your brand.

In today’s world, to be successful is to know and be guided by brand + mission. What I’m here to do is mentor women on unravelling what that is + align them with their purpose + power within it.

We Are Beauty embodies empowerment of mind, body, and future self and unleashes wild, WILD possibility.

The “POP OF COLOR” Collection

TEXT or DM “POP” to claim YOUR custom surprise collection

We’re at it again!

Last year dozens of women were more confident in front of their lens with the “Camera Ready” collection. Now it’s time to do the same with “Pop of Color”!


Each collection is going to be a surprise + custom built by me FOR YOU. Gorgeous Spring shades will be chosen to match your style, coloring + features— you’ll be in for quiiiite the treat on delivery day!

Each collection is valued at over $168 and loooaded up with my full sized Spring favorites.

Free gifts + surprises inside too!!

Who’s ready for a little Pop of Color?!
Below is sneak peek of just a FEW items that may be inside yours:

Facial Glow Drops

Skin care built into your make up… Does it get any better? I use Champagne Glow Drops every single day for that “from within glow”…obsessed is an understatement.

Blush + Bronzer

What’s a Spring day without a little color on those cheeks?  One of my favorite tricks is to use any of these gorgeous cheek tones as an eyeshadow for a cohesive look.

Eyeshadows that POP

Your Collection will come with TWO shades picked like flowers, JUST for you. Once you dip into this pigment, you’ll never reach for another again. Sooo buttery!

Pass the ELC’s Please

Enduring Lip Colors KNOCK OUT any matte lip I’ve tried. Soft, supple, sexy…and color that doesn’t quit. I can’t wait to see those lips in a stunning Spring shade just for YOU.

The BEST Brow Around

One Brow Pencil to rule them ALL. Trust. This one will have you saying “Anastasia WHO?”


Hand Curated by Yours Truly

I’ve been inspired!

This is a collection of Pro products handpicked by ME to give you a camera ready, flawless face. Whether a photoshoot, creating content online, or just wanting to feel like the queen you are… This collection has it all; wherever the camera is ready, YOU will be too.

You’ll save cash, and get a luxury experience every time you use her.

The Camera Ready Collection also makes a jaw dropping gift (and we’ll customize JUST for them)

TEXT or DM the word “CAMERA” to claim your limited edition Camera Ready Collection!!


Lashify, worth the hype???

For years I’ve been an extensions girl. I’ve tried all the serums, magnetics, strip (omg they hate me)... and although I love the look of extensions, but I’ve always struggled with not loving them after only a few days!

Guys I would literally collect the fans that dropped + want to put them back on! (Do NOT tell me I’m the only KNOW you see dollar signs when those puppies fall off!) 

Intro Lashify... I had heard mixed reviews but after my best friend + business partner fell in love, I knew I had to try. Pshh, I haven’t looked back.

Personally, I am addicted to the Extra Extremes (EE)… 15 through 16 I love being able to control the shape + design, and simply reapply a gossamer when needed!!

There is soooo much knowledge on the Lashify IG page including full-time educators. Once you get the hang of it, you will fall in looove being your own personal lash artist!