Money and Healing Series

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Money and Healing series

Presented by We Are Talking & AkiliWellness

You are invited to join an intimate community of women striving toward their financial goals in this 3 part series on money and healing. 

Money can hold powerful psychological and emotional meaning. Together we will push past traditional principles of money management to understand and value the way we relate to money and identify the obstacles that have long held us back from financial peace. At the end of this series you will have developed tools to help you work with your feelings about money in daily life. Regardless of your financial past, you will leave this workshop feeling united in community and refreshed to continue along your financial journey.

Session Topics:
Session 1: Developing your financial consciousness
Session 2: Defining your financial future
Session 3: Moving toward healing

What to expect?
One low cost of $30. The series is comprised of 3 two-hour interactive workshops. Sessions will occur biweekly with the first session to begin this October. Following each session, you will be asked to complete assignments related to your personal financial development. Assignments are expected to be about an hour of your time each week.


The path to financial freedom should be accessible AND enjoyable.

We Are Talking provides empowerment, motivation and education on the topic of personal finance through one-on-one coaching, in person workshops and fun events. I founded We Are Talking because I LOVE talking about money. I especially enjoy talking about how to set up a strong financial foundation and maximize your funds. Yeah, yeah, I know. People also don’t like talking about finances because it can be quite dry. I promise to turn the often avoided conversation about money and make it one you won’t want to stop!


Josie is a Wellness Coach, Yoga Instructor and trained facilitator. She has trained with Yoga Veda Institute, Niroga Institute, Strozzi Institute, Mama Sanoiva, and Physcial Therapist, Dr. Ariele Foster, to name a few. Josie draws on Ayurveda, Somatics, and Anatomy Informed Yoga methods, paired with her trauma informed care practices to encourage self- awareness, self-care and personal transformation. Always a student, is currently working on her Certification as an Ayurveda Health Counselor with Yoga Veda Institute.

When she is not teaching Yoga or studying, she can be found facilitating workshops that support youth empowerment, developing diversity and inclusion strategies or designing workshops focused on social-emotional development, trauma sensitive practices, and personal growth. Josie leans heavily on the ancient practice of Yoga to sustain her as she strives to change the world with the fullest compassion. Josie holds a B.A in Liberal Studies, with an emphasis in Physical Education, a Masters Degree in Secondary Education.

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