About Me

a brief description of me.

just a weird, random one direction obsessed person having fun. my hobbies are crying over larry and mimicking louis's accent.

my pronouns are she/her.

i support the BLM movement and the LGBTQ+ community. this is a safe spot for all.

i hope you enjoy my edits and excuse me for my inactivity. i know i'm not as active as other accounts xx

all the love, shri

Apps I Use

here are the apps i use to make edits.

note: all of these apps are FREE! and are available on IOS and Android.


this app is super easy to use for begginers and advanced users. like photoshop, yet more easier to use. i use this for graphic edits.


this app is excellent for blending. i make all of my blends using it, as you can get super detailed and make it look really clean cut. it does have it's downs, though. it isn't as easy or user-friendly as picsart, however, it doesn't crash as much or even if it does, it automatically saves the edit. plus, there are tons of tutorials on over. it is mainly good for blending and that's the best feature of it.


i use this app to add text to my photos. it is very easy and useful. i also download my fonts from dafont.com. overall, it is a simple and easy app to use, and there are about thousands of tutorials of how to use it.

where i download my fonts:


polarr is a great app to add / make filters for your edits. i personally enjoy filters from other accounts such as @mysticfilters and @bettsfilters. check them out! you may easily download filters into the app. there should be many tutorials online on how to do so.

how to import custom filters:


mainly if you are a graphic acount or need HD images of celebs / tv shows, remini can help enhance the quality of the pictures (or sometimes turn them into a living nightmare! yikes). especially for larry scenes that are filmed on a potato, this helps alot! works on videos too i think!