Erin's 14th b-day!!


Hi! She is Erin Aclan Bea. I've known her for quite a while now. She loves to bake, dance, and annoy me ;)) jk HAHAHHA. Nevertheless, i still love her tho (yuck. im cringing rn! but its your bday so...)

okay... let me describe her first! well she hate math (but who don't? maybe a psycho...) aside from math, she also hate being a leader! (especially to a group with a bunch of freeloaders) she also hate math! the next thing she hate is math. oh did i already mention she hate math? oh she super duper do!

what she loves the most! aside from her family ofc... she also love kpop, dancing, reading, eating, and so on! she's a kid. ooh she's also a multitasker! HAHHAHAHA she can manage to be an excellent student while being an excellent daughter and an excellent friend! (i honestly dont know what Miss Erin can't do💅🏽)

basta she's a good friend! (if i kill somebody, she will be the first person i'll call. not bcs she'll tolerate me but bcs i know she will stay by my side and help me realize that what i did was wrong.) she's also very helpful! (hindi ka pa nanghihingi ng tulong, tutulungan ka na agad nya! HSHHAHAHA)

ERIN AYOKO NA MAG ENGLISH! basta ang wish ko ay sana di ka mamatay at sana di mo kami makakalimutan kapag nasa next adventure mo na ikaw! continue to brighten your surrounding with your very very bright smile <\3 always remember na i will forever be here no matter what! i love you so so so much!

ps: you look so pretty here! we don't have a bagong picture so i stalked your ig :>>>>

pss: you will always be my favorite ka chikahan!