Tell the world what you’re made of

My name is Kiana Bogard and I just want to tell you a little about me. My life has not always been this much fun. I come from a long line of drug addiction and abusive relationships. I always had the feeling nothing was ever going to get better. I had 3 children that I was never around and I just seemed a little everywhere. My addiction led me to to jail I don't even know how many times, prison sentence twice, and I overdosed twice. I really just did not care about life at that point. Clearly God was not done with me yet.

I met my husband in 2016, we moved a few hours away and decided to have a fresh start. Life was rough, and stayed rough for a long time. About six months ago I got a message from this random lady named Heather, asking me to join her team. Of course I did not want, she was not the first message I got like that. She asked me to join a zoom to listen on what the company was about. I listened to other people talk about who they are and what this company has done for them. I just remember thinking, If they can do it, obviously I can too! These ladies were throwing out numbers I could not imagine making. I asked my husband what he thought about this company and he flat out said "Do not be ridiculous Kiana, were not wasting our money"

This leads to my next move. I knew in my heart I was supposed to do this! So I wait until he is asleep, and I cant help but tell myself he wont leave me over it so just do it to prove him wrong. I LOVE to do that lol! So I did. I remember wanting to get my nails done but I only had $20 on my card, Within the first 2 days I sold my free samples (I got when signing up) I made 7x the amount I started with! SCORE! That was 2 sets of nails, so I too my daughter with, that was the best feeling of all! I love being able to say yes to my kids, to go places and not worry about food and gas, no more debts, no more late payments, no more over-draft, no more stressing on CHRISTMAS (currently experiencing now!!!!), no more missing kids parties at school, just MORE of EVERYTHING!

I have not been been doing this for years and the blessing have literally not stopped coming. The family I have gained, the experiences and connections have been super on point! I could not be more thankful for God bringing Heather into my life and making me put my fears to the side and showing me the what I needed to be successful! I know my future is actually going to be something my children will be proud of. I can not wait to help the next one who wants a life that is more than what you were served with!

You never know what you are capable of until you just do it! Get over yourself and take a chance. This has literally been the hardest thing for me to write today, not because its so inspirational (I know), but because I am very outspoken with NO filter! Language is usually not my strong suit and I am trying to keep it G-Rated! But literally if any of this touched you in anyway OR you can relate and you don't get off your A$$ and take the opportunity of a life time, or you are never going to get anywhere.