About me

Here to PICU up!

Hiiieeee! I'm Katie!

I am a full-time, certified pediatric intensive care nurse and working toward my master's degree in nursing to become an Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. 🧸🩺

I am passionate about helping aspiring and current pediatric nurses connect, learn, and grow into better versions of themselves personally and clinically.

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My Top Picks

and things I think you'll love, too!

Stoggles...not goggles

Introducing stylish eye protection at work!

Why I love these: all-day comfort with fully transparent side and top protection, anti-fog & blue light blocking lenses, and they're impact resistant! (Light responsive and Rx lenses available)


Hitting my macros at work just got easier! Working 12.5 hour days and shift has always made it difficult to hit my protein requirements. Now with my own personal and portable smoothie maker, it makes hitting my goals so much easier (and tastier). Try one out for yourself and save yourself some doll hairs while doing it!

Happy Badger Headbands

Comfortable and cute headbands for a good cause! This shop is owned by a passionate hemonc nurse πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€βš•οΈ Logan finds great joy making these headbands and donates a portion of every one sold to support her hemonc patients through treatment during COVID times with items like Amazon fire sticks and gift cards.

Use code WELL&GOODRN for 10% off your purchase!

FlexiSpot Desk

The desk I wish I had in nursing school.

All the minimalist touches that I love with the space and sturdiness those nursing text books require! This desk also features quick and smooth height adjustment to maintain posture and improve circulation while studying!

Sun Co. WildLight

Say goodbye to a regular pen light! This bright LED pup is the perfect for distraction to get your pupillary assessments done on any kiddo! Easy to clean and conveniently fits right on your badge reel!

Crafts By Laur.RN

The cutest a matching badge reels and earrings, hand crafted by an OR nurse that holds a special place in my heart! Go check out her Etsy storefront!