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here you'll find some noteable brands and service-based businesses run by women in wellness!

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About —

dayna, the founder

my approach to wellness is a journey through personal experiences. I am in constant investigation on what makes sense to me and how I want to tackle life. I embrace trial and error like they're long-term relationships, I love the idea of figuring out how to do better even if it means shattering the ego just a tad (lol).

I got to this point in my life by embracing the process. We live in a very go-go-go society to which we think we don't have time (a construct) to pause and manuever through life in a way we truly want to.

I share those experiences as a marginalized woman, to hold space for women like me. Women who want to feel heard in industries like wellness, where healing feels almost always in-accessable and out of reach. I provide spaces of healing and growth by incorporating self-awareness as an integral tool to be well.

I hope you'll join me in creating a community that uplifts the voices of the unheard and thrives by helping all women to be well.


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