Nice to e-meet you!

You can call me Trish ✌

I run the Instagram marketing blog named WELLMADE MARKETING where I position myself as a resource for small business owners wanting to level up their social media marketing, Gen Z professionals who are trying to power through this fast-paced industry, and women who are made to thrive in the workforce through empowerment, sharing career and productivity tips, and online resources to level up their game.

I worked as a Social Media Manager for 6 months in a digital marketing company that was featured in Forbes and I was a Public Relations Intern at the biggest fashion e-commerce player in Southeast Asia. Though short, my experiences can tell you my interests and passion.

Why did I start this whole thing?

I was supposed to launch this in March. I got everything strategized, until we faced this mishap. To keep my grind, I started blogging on WIX for months but no matter how much I tried, I figured traditional blogging wasn't for me anymore. I waited for more than 2 months again before I launched my Instagram page, which was named @thenextlevelmktg. Long story short, I've been in the game for 2 months with over a thousand followers and more than 5 digits of total reach and impressions. My initial purpose was to sharpen my knowledge and boost my confidence in maintaining an efficient client relations, until it was changed to helping small businesses, virtual assistants, and social media managers upskill for a VERY affordable price.

Now, what are my services? STAY TUNED.