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Hey Y’all. My name is Hannah, (haw-nuh). I just wanted to share my life journey with all of you, hoping that I can reach hearts who are in need of some inspiration in aspects of life we seem to unconsciously take for granted. I hope my page can allow growth, and determination in empowering a better YOU.

First things first- a little about me (:

I took interest in the field of Nutrition and continued my education from a community college into a four year university. I received my associates as well as a bachelors of science in nutritional science, and emphasized in Alternative nutrition. I went on and developed a strong interest in herbal medicine, so I took classes focused on a more naturalistic approach for healing and received a certificate of holistic functional foods as well.

By influencing others, I hope I can make a strong impact on what a healthy lifestyle truly means, in regards to making changes, and knowing that good nutrition isn’t only about what we are eating and putting inside our body that impacts our overall state of optimal health, but it’s also about our intentions and what we are currently doing through routine and by our habits. I have been working within a hospital setting as a nutritionist for a while now, and have a strong passion for wanting to help and heal others, on behalf of making food recommendations, life style changes, work out exercises and meal plans.

So what’s next? Currently I am getting started in a dietetic internship program to advance my career as a registered dietician.

I hope this website allows for you to learn a little more about me, and more about you. Enjoy the reads! Feel free to reach out via email if you have any comments or questions!

Making lifestyle changes for a better YOU

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