Wellness is a way of life. Personal evolution; my passion.

Personal Evolution is an artform. And anyone who understands why art is such an important gift to the world knows that the beauty of art is that it’s always open to interpretation. And the most impactful works often unfold organically, but with great devotion and attention to detail.

I turned 37 this year, and in some ways I feel as if I’ve lived several lives because of how devoted I am to personal evolution. Over the years, I’ve promised myself that I’ll never fit into a box-they’re restrictive, uninspired, and dull.

I’ve moved through many careers and industries ranging from elementary teacher to digital merchandiser and ecommerce to corporate luxury retail to Fortune500 retail buying, to wellness.
I’m credentialed in diverse areas from sociology to creative writing to business to most recently psychology with @harvardextension .

And why? Because I’m a student of life. And there’s so much knowledge to acquire. I work my 🍑 off to actively seek transformation. I encourage it. I crave it! Transformation sets my soul on FIRE🔥

I LOVE being a part of personal transformations, and I LOVE working alongside passionate clients who are ready, willing, and enthusiastic about taking their lives down a path that isn’t pre-determined by something external.

What are you seeking to transform?
Your health?
Your relationships?
Your skillset?
Your confidence?
Your overall mindset?

The first step is to BELIEVE that you are worthy & capable of becoming who & what you desire. And recognizing that your life is yours to create if you work hard enough at it. The question is... Are you ready to put in the work? Change is life’s only constant, but to change with intention is the only way to create transformation.

You ready? Because I’m ready to be a part of it with you.

Much love,