Hey Ladies!

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Hi, I’m Michelle . Welcome to my page and thank you for giving yourself an opportunity to explore a 30 days getting healthier and fit program with me !

Since young I love to eat, the one thing I love in my life. Unhealthy food choice, poor lifestyle and work stress also had contributed to my body weight ballooning. Consequently, I was caffeine dependent in order to stay awake. I experienced chest pain and numbness frequently and I thought I m going to get stroke or heart attack. My medical check up diagnosed that I m pre-diabetic, high blood cholesterol and hormonal imbalance. It is a real wake up call for me .

I have make a decision to improve on my health and well-being by joining the program to have balance nutrition and getting fit. A positive likeminded community has supported and develop me to become healthy, fit and having the right mindset to begin with. Little that I know, my changes have inspired many surround me and impacting their own personal wellness journey and regain their self confidence and well being again!
I wish to create the awareness that all women deserve to self love, be self confidence , be beautiful insider out and be empowered to achieve what their dreams and goals !

If you are seriously thinking of change and transformation yourself and you are committed, I m ready to support you and walk together with you on your journey .