Fresh Juice Rx

Be filled with the pleasures of being prosperous and juice with the Sacral Flo to stimulate Creativity, Pleasure, and Insight . The Sacral Flo Juice blend is cultivated with intention to nourish the sacral chakra and to stimulate Flo in the pelvic–lower abdominal, genitals/reproductive system, urinary tract, bladder, kidneys, lumbar spine, spleen, gallbladder, bowel, prostate, circulatory systems of the body like blood flow and urine flow.


Reiki & Juice hosted at the Ohm Well for Friday Markets 1 - 5!

Alden & Valencia

Our Story of Love!

Alden is a life coach. Valencia is a holistic practitioner.

We have been together for fifteen years and married for eleven. We have generated three suns.

We are divine partners and maintain our union through awareness, devotion, and sacrifice.

We are consciously aware of our own personal desires and the ones we have cultivated together. We assist each other in securing all of our aspirations.

We are committed to the growth and healing of each other through intentional acts and honesty.

We sacrifice the parts of ourselves that are not beneficial to the health and growth of our union.

We actively work on being mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically connected.

We intuitively know each other’s subtle shifts and adjust ourselves accordingly to match the new frequency.

We coach each other daily on how to be better connected with ourselves, each other, and our families.

We consistently challenge each other’s perspectives to create opportunities for rapid growth and expansion.

We aggressively pursue our highest callings. We are dedicated to fulfilling our individual and collective potential.

We realize that our fulfillment is directly tied to what we consume and don’t consume. We take intentional breaks from eating.

We consume foods that are naturally detoxifying for the mind, body, and spirit.

We create lifestyles that nourish our complete well - being. We are committed to following a holistic approach to our health and healing.

Alden has lost over 120lbs and has maintained his weight of about 195lbs.

He has lowered his blood pressure, which allows him to no longer need prescription medication.

He manages his health through healthy food choices and stress reducing activities.

Valencia has lost over 150lbs and has maintained her weight of about 135lbs for over two years.

She manages her anxieties with mindfulness and energy healing techniques.

Through actively working on our mindsets, unhealthy habits, and past traumas, together, we birthed our third child without drugs via vba2c, Vaginal Birth After 2 Cessations.

Through actively elevating our awareness, together, we shifted the outcome we didn't want to one that was more in alignment with what we truly desired to experience.

We are determined to live life following our intuition and trusting each other to step up to life’s challenges as one conscious unit.

We self care and reflect through the practices of intentional breathing, reiki, fasting, yoga, Qi gong, meditation, journaling, and fulfilling sexual experiences.

Through our individual and collective practices of becoming better partners for ourselves, we are able to form a powerful divine union with each other.

A union built on trust, loyalty. accountability. empowerment, understanding, and compassion.

It’s not always ‘pretty’ but it’s one beautiful point of view to experience.

Our Journey to divine union has inspired us to use our energies in assisting others in attracting their ideal partnerships and aiding them in forming powerful divine unions.

Unions that manifest, actualize, and transform each individual to be in perfect alignment with God’s Nature.

Our story resonates with you? Connect with us.