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Hola! I'm Gloria Yasmín the Wellness Mamí

Former full-time Career Coach who has helped over 100s of clients become self sufficient.

I liked my job, but sometimes felt like I need to do more to help others. I hope to find my calling/greater purpose soon with God's help.

I'm still inclined on coaching clients because I really do like helping others out. But I want to be able to do so in a more personal manner and not confined to rules that don't make sense and aren't tailored to match individuals needs, as most differ.

I used to think Coaching was limited to physical education, so never in my younger years did I think I'd come to love coaching. But I do, and I've had several jobs where I've been able to do just that.

I've coached for Beachbody (in my fitter years).
I've coached a group of clients on their fitness journeys.
I've coached ESL learners.
I've coached new coworkers as an Assistant Mgr.
And unemployed/underemployed individuals.

I love coaching and would love to continue.

I've researched online courses to become a wellness coach. But due to Covid-19, father's passing, and pregnancy, I've put a pin on that.

I hope to one day get back to coaching, but not in an 8-5. There are too many limitations and not enough emphasis on individualistic approaches. They want a cookie cutter program and I don't agree with that. Each client is different. They have different strengths and goals. They should be given proper attention. Which is why I dream of being able to coach clients properly, through my own. I want to help others in their wellness journeys and any other life journey.

For now, I'll use my platform, blogging, and content creation to help others in their life journeys. I offer my knowledge, empathy, and passion to help others feel validated, less alone, an capable of achieving their goals. Not only do I offer exceptional coaching, but community.

A few other things about me:

The old is dead and gone 🙌🏽 I'm being bold sprinkling salt and shining bright.

Wellness worrier turned into wellness warrior. Suffering from gut issues, hormonal imbalances, allergic reactions. Doing my research and documenting my health journey.

Content creating, blog writing, ukulele playing, self-tographer y más!

And we just found out, my husband and I will be on that parenthood journey. So don't be surprised when you see me post Motherhood posts or as I'll be referring to #holamamìhood posts.

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