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A little bit about myself...

I’m Erica... momma to our sweet Xander boy. Wife to my angel of a husband, Christiaan. Georgia peach currently living in Utah. BYU alum. Piano teacher. Speech therapy. Welcome to my little space as I try to build this small business of mine.

Clean and holistic living is my jam. I also love clean eating and exercising. My goal is to help educate individuals and families about the toxins and chemicals that fill our homes, and help them switch to cleaner products. And guess what? I can even help you do this on a budget. 👏🏼👏🏼

We truly are the gatekeepers of our home. We control what enters our homes. I’m passionate about keeping our homes clean to protect ourselves and our little ones. From emotional, skin, gut and hormone support, etc. to cleaning products and oils... you name it- I’m here to help you out!

Stay a while and I promise you won’t regret it! 💕

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What’s my story and why Young Living?

People ask me all the time, why such an interest in clean living and why Young Living? Let me tell you...

Especially since college, I’ve been someone who has researched and wanted to use safer and cleaner cleaning products. I’ve used YL’s Thieves cleaner off and on for years but never made the complete switch. A couple of years ago I got pregnant with Xander and experienced all the feels and a lot of body changes due to hormones. THEN I became a mom and personally wanted to be and do better with what I brought in to our home for our sweet baby. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference especially in my baby’s gut and skin health when using truly clean products.

My postpartum journey also rocked my world a little as it was a completely different experience than I imagined (Hormones can be our friends but also our worst enemies). I started seeing an endocrinologist and discovered I suffer from something called adrenal fatigue, which greatly affects my energy and even my ability to lose weight. My skin and body are completely different now, which is ok, but I realized I needed to make some changes in my life- and that’s ok too!

I started researching and found that a lot of products we use either aren’t FDA approved or unfortunately so many chemicals that are banned in many other parts of the world are completely kosher in products in the U.S. We live in a world where we see so many products labeled “organic”, “plant-based”, “kid and pet friendly” and “clean,”... but unfortunately a lot of companies “greenwash” products convincing us they’re organic and clean. It’s sad and a little scary, in my opinion. A lot of these chemicals that aren’t banned or are freely used in products do things like disrupt our hormones- no bueno. I ’ve learned to do my research, REALLY read ingredient labels... and Young Living really simplifies this process for me.

Young Living has changed mine and my family’s life. My husband is even on board- winning! Young Living is mostly advertised as an Essential Oils company... but it’s SOO much more than that. On top of oils, YL offers cleaning, baby, kids, skincare and personal care/supplement products... and honestly the list goes on even further. YL is the pioneer essential oil company and my top reason for choosing them is their Seed to Seal promise. YL promises from extracting any and all ingredients (seed) to packaging products to sell (seal) that all of their products are completely pure and plant-based, and contain no artificial fillers. Did you know that the requirement for a lot of the essential oil industry is to only contain at least 5% pure ingredients? YIKES! How would you feel if you were using products that are 100% pure?🙌🏼 ok ko None of YL’s products have expiration dates and they are the only company who have FDA approved products. I can’t tell you how many “plant-based” products I’ve used that I feel don’t actually work. I’ve tested and tried so many of YL’s products and I’m happy to report that we have loved just about every one of them and they ACTUALLY work. I’m not perfect nor am I an all or nothing person. Ditching and switch takes time, but if you’ll let me I’d love to teach you more about how these YL products can bless your life too.