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Hello all, I’m Katy!

I help those seeking a lifestyle free of chronic yeast, SIBO, Increased Intestinal Permeability, and other digestive issues associated with stress, food sensitivity, and nutritional deficiencies.

I’ve been suffering from chronic digestive issues and chronic stress for over 3 years now; with constant UT infections, weight gain, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, chronic constipation, tonsil stones, thrush, chronic fatigue, food intolerances, skin inflammation like eczema, foggy head, memory loss/forgetfulness, major headaches, anxiety, social anxiety, chronic stress, depression, burnout, PTSD, gluten + lactose intolerance, SIBO, and (IIP) Leaky Gut Syndrome and unfortunately, a chronic widespread yeast infection, aka Systemic Candidiasis….I have finally worked up enough courage to take charge of my life and fight back against chronic illness.

Through changed eating habits, minimizing stress factors, movement, quitting caffeine and alcohol use, mindfulness, understanding your trauma (this one has a huge impact on your mental health) and other healthy rituals: I’m one day closer to becoming a healthier woman and I’d like to share those rituals with you!💚

I have decided to create this page to not only showcase my health and wellness journey but to help you find those healthier alternatives that show love to your gut and improve your overall digestion. It’s definitely been an embarrassing topic to cover for me but If you’re like me and suffering from digestive issues, you’re in the right place!

💖 What you’ll find on my page:
Workouts, easy recipe ideas, plus health tips/affirmation posts for a dash of positivity.

I really want you to know that you are not alone! I look forward to helping those overcome similar health issues and create a healthier lifestyle. WE GOT THIS!💪

Check out my links and discover everything you’ve been looking for. Just a little something to support you and your wellness journey. Feel free to dm or email me. It’s not too late to create a HAPPIER YOU.✅

I am not a qualified practitioner so If you’re experiencing any uncomfortable symptoms and/or suffering from digestive issues, please contact your primary doctor, or a registered dietician/nutritionist. Simply speaking to a healthcare professional about those uncomfortable topics and your goals can massively change your life for the better. I wish you the best and good health.

Stay safe and be well,



~ Contact me if you have any questions or comments via email below 👇

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