About me

Marketing is storytelling & storytelling is the new currency

Passion | Knowledge | Resource -
Alignment in business and in life is fueled by passion. In business I am passionate about one thing. Teaching. And to teach at a high level I obsess about continually learning. I consume everything I can about marketing and technology so that I can be a phenomenal resource to you. Let’s just say I “nerd out” about it so you don’t have to! And through all of my years of teaching I’ve learned it’s not what you say, it’s what people hear. Let me teach you how to communicate to your clients so they hear you the right way.

Other things I “nerd out” about
• Hiking & outdoors anything
• Fat tire biking national forests
• Fresh powder under my K2's
• Idea-room creating
• Campfire sitting

Little-known fact
I met my best friend and husband of 30 years at a little church camp in the Sawtooth Mountains. He paid my current boyfriend $300 to fly home because he knew I was the one, and we were engaged a month and a day later! So, you can see, both of our lives are completely fueled by passion.

Are we a good fit?
Creativity is my brand and that empowers me to help you create your brand identity.
OSU Digital Brand Management Certification | 10 years of studying human behavior
20 years in industry | 276 client consultations in 2018
211 Tech & Marketing Classes | Contributing Author to The Modern Day Website

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