Host, Wild Card & Content Curator


It's your favorite Holistic Hottie Ameera, a.k.a the CEO for 2020 and beyond according to my Grandpa. He's been speaking abundance over my life since I can remember and we love to see it! I’m a 27 year old Milwaukee Native and when I’m not cackling and carrying on with my Queens I'm probably doing one of the following:
✨ Snapping photos or Writing
✨ Making Candles or Body Butter (can’t be out here ashy 🥴)
✨ Reading Oracle Cards and chillin’ with my Ancestors
✨ Snuggling up with Deucey Bad Azz (my kitten)
Transparency, Love and Accountability are really important for me so I do my best to embody that energy even when it’s uncomfortable. I hope as I show up as I am in the safety of my sisters on this podcast, that my journey resonates with your Spirit and you feel encouraged to do the same. See y’all! 💙💙

Executive Producer, Punchline Queen & Co-Host


I’m Reesh and I’m 26yrs old, born and raised in MKE. I love sports, puns and long-running inside jokes with my people. The most immoral thing i’m willing to admit is letting a few items slip when i use self checkout 😂 I think my inner child would be happy that I’m at peace and confident enough to share my thoughts/opinions on this show

Social Media Manager, Meme Extrodinare & Co-Host


Hey y’all. People who love me call me Meana. Im a 27 year old Milwaukee native, goof ball and dancer who LOVES tequila and chicken wings. Something that would make my inner child happy is that I continually find ways to seek joy in my everyday life. The most immoral thing that I’ve done that I’m willing to admit “on here” is “accidentally” stealing deodorant from target😂I hope y’all enjoy listening to our stories on this here pod and learn some things from our experiences

Vibe Curator, DJ & Co-Host


Oh it’s my turn? Nice! My name is Thasia aka DJ Tay Willz aka TP 🍑🤖 always preferring Pb&j over grilled cheese sandwiches. Lovable person and on my shit. Experienced over thinker. Still childish so my inner child would approve. I’m my own superhero and worst villain. Following the sun. Enjoy the pod pimps and much love to YOU 💕

Content Curator, Some-timey Secratary & Co-Host


Hey y'all! It’s ya girl Quartz Knee 💎 aka your child’s favorite bougie auntie! 🤪. I’m almost 26 and currently live in Chicago, but grew up in the suburbs of Illinois. In my free time (pre-covid) I liked to go to concerts and collect them passport stamps but now you can find me chilling with my dog @louiexsantiago and serving at Church. I’m passionate about Black maternal health, reproductive justice, and all things blackity black. Can’t wait to go on this pod journey with y’all!