When the Weeping Ceases

L. Jamila Fleming MSW, MPA | Coaching & Consultation

Short Bio: 📍Social Worker | Educator | Coach | Host of the Defining Me for Me Podcast
Specializing in self-exploration, identity development, wellness & holistic healing.

About Us: “...Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” is a piece of Psalms 30:5 that forever stays with me. It’s a piece of scripture that keeps me grounded during life’s tests and trials. It’s a daily reminder that empowers me to reflect on the lessons and grit I will/have develop through my current situation.

It is through this verse that I asked myself — “after the struggle is over, will I still be standing or trying to put together broken pieces?” It is through this verse that I ponder, “Will I be ready for my bright future after the storm or will I have been swept away in my misery?”

Life is not all rainbows and butterflies. Life comes with both good and bad times and we must ensure that we allow ourselves space and time to be groomed to keep on living and finding joy, purpose and contentment in who we are. We must acknowledge ourselves, our capacity and areas in need of growth. Likewise, we must acknowledge when we are in need of help or support. I am here to support you.

Welcomeq to When the Weeping Ceases! A platform rooted in rooted in the enrichment, elevation, holistic learning & wholeness of others. My name is L. Jamila Fleming and I am the CEO and your self-fulfillment + mindset coach. I hold the following degrees:
▪️Bachelor of Science in Psychology
▪️Bachelor of Art in Sociology (minor in Political Science)
▪️Master of Social Work
▪️Master of Public Administration
▪️Doctorate of Education (in progress)

Additionally, I have 5+ years in identity development, coaching, case management, program/organizational development, professional mentoring, DEI, and academic success planning.

With my coaching/consulting, I specialize in: self-exploration, identity development, self-fulfillment, wellness & holistic healing.

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