Hey, I’m Romy!

Full-time traveler since 2018

Dear traveler, welcome to my world!

A world full of love, positivity, happiness, spiritual awakening & soulful experiences ☽

My journey started in 2018. What was supposed to be 1 year travelling before « going back to normal life » turned into 2,5 years around the world while going on a beautiful inner self-discovery journey.

While on the road, I finally got the chance to connect with my true self. I discovered Self Development, Spirituality, Holistic living and completely changed my identity, my lifestyle and inner world.

Now, I help Solo Female Travelers do the same. I help you (re)connect with yourself on the road by going on adventures that are going to awaken your soul. I help you be aware of who you are through exercises, coaching, guides, holistic living and experiences on the road… And trust me, you won’t be the same after this process ✨

My travel story

2,5 years on the road as a Solo Female Traveler

If you wonder how I can help you experience Personal & Spiritual growth on the road, it’s because I’ve experienced it myself ☽

I have travelled solo for 2,5 years from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, New York & Canada to New Zealand. The most beautiful 2,5 years of my life.

I will forever encourage and help women plan their solo adventures because I believe it is one of the most amazing gifts you can do for yourself. Most people are afraid to be alone. I’m saying: time alone is a gift if you know what to do with it, and this is what I’m here to help you with.

» Would you like some guidance on how to plan you first Solo Trip?

» Need help overcoming the fear of travelling solo?

» Need support while travelling solo on what to do and how to use your time to grow personally and spiritually?

DM me with any questions you have and together, we will choose the best option for you!

The Healthstyle Emporium

16 weeks to reconnect with your mind, body & soul

Have you always kinda wanted to get healthier but never knew where to start? Felt like you needed guidance? Would love to delve into personal development? Are you curious of how you could feel on a daily basis if you were truly listening and taking care of your body, mind & soul?

I discovered the HSE when I was road tripping in New Zealand and started the program in September 2020… at my own pace. I lost 7kgs, started a vegetarian diet, started learning about manifestation and holistic health… All while discovering a new country! On top of going on beautiful adventures, I actually started connecting with myself on a deeper level.

This is what the HSE is all about: a 16-week soulful online program and nutritional products designed to help you feel the healthiest you’ve ever been and be the happiest and most inspired version of yourself.

Whether you are on the road or at home, log into your portal and just follow your intuition. It will lead you exactly where you need to be.