I’m a stay at home mom with the passion for makeup and making others feel beautiful! ❤️

✨ You are a Star and Seint Beauty will make you shine ✨

As a stay at home mom and ex hairdresser, I was like what do I do with my life now and then Seint Beauty came! I was shocked at the quality of the makeup considering I was a collector of makeup from cheap to high end! When I say I was rolling around in makeup girl I was stepping over it every day, and I could never find anything!

Thank Goodness for one compact makeup! It made my life so much easier as a stay at home mom always on the run! The quality is top notch! I was always like I hate MLM makeup it’s terrible until I tried Seint! And after that first try, I said YES to this amazing opportunity to work my own hours and get to play with what I love most Makeup!!! If it wasn’t for Seint Beauty I wouldn’t have not only my own money but I wouldn’t have this community of amazing people I can always count on! That’s what it’s all about the community of women and men who come from all different walks of life yet we somehow became a family! Is it time for YOU to make a CHANGE in life?!? If so then Seint Beauty is for you and it’s time you take that jump and become an artist like me and so many others! You do not have to be a makeup artist, you just be you and let the makeup speak for itself! If you’re in a rut like I was then just do it and do it scared! ❤️