About me

A woman of many talents

Hi I’m Whitney!

I’m a 21 year old college graduate turned Entrepreneur. I am a Fashion Designer, Hair Consultant with a luxury natural haircare company and a Mentor just to name a few.

My main passion is helping you live the life you want and deserve to live! I want you to have the perfect outfit that helps you express yourself. I want you to have that bomb hair you have always dreamed of. I want you to have the financial freedom you crave.

So how do you get this life? All you need (and wait for it it’s so simple) is

Your phone!

Let me show you how to change your life simply by using something you already use everyday.

Hair Ambassador Program

You have bomb hair why not share it?

When signing as a VIP -
it’s a one time $20 fee - NO MONTHLY/ANNUAL FEES!

- Free product with your purchases
- 15% off every order
- Free Shipping w. Qualifying Order
- Birthday Discount
- Refer a friend program
- you refer someone to my hair consult & they make a purchase you receive a $20 credit to use for future purchases and they receive $20 off their order.

Now how do you get the $20 off credit?? YOU as an ambassador get a customize link! When you refer your friends, remind them to put YOU recommended them on the consult & I send them YOUR link!

My top hair picks

The 3 R’s

These are products that I literally swear by!! They have helped me to live my best and bomb-est hair life!!



This oil literally changed the game for me. It is the BEST oil I have ever used because it is the ONLY oil I have ever used that penetrates to my hair cortex, giving me moisture I need, while most oils just sit on top.


Restore leave-in conditioner

I have tried a lot of leave-ins but this is the by far the best one I have ever used. It makes my hair twice a manageable when styling and my styles last longer because of its penetrating moisture and hydration.


Renew Shampoo

Now as far as shampoos go I thought I was using the best ones but once I tried this I knew what I was missing out on. Talk about a true cleanse for your hair! This is the only shampoo that gets my hair the cleanest it has ever felt and prepares it to receive the hydrating conditioners I use! Great hair starts with a great shampoo and this is def that shampoo.

Come and talk to me

I really wanna meet you!! Don’t be shy to dm any questions you have or if you just wanna chat!