“You owe it to yourself to become everything you’ve dreamed of being”

Hello!! I am so excited to virtually meet you. Thanks for jumping on my page!

To introduce myself real quick...
I’m a 20 year old college student, I was previously working 3 jobs, but now I make my main income from my phone. I attend Colorado Mesa University and LOVE the community I have found there!

Outside of my busy college life, I mentor dozens of women who want to take charge of their lives, fund their dreams, and focus on a positive mindset. I’m here to mentor, inspire, empower, and walk with you through your journey. Working for this company has blossomed into more than I could’ve imagined— friends, free trips, community, financial freedom, and living a life of gratitude. (Plus the best hair ever!) I love what I do, and although it’s my job, running alongside people who simply want MORE brings me so much joy. I guess that really is the goal, right?!

If you’re looking for an extra income, needing a supportive community, wanting more freedom in your life, or just looking for more to fill your cup, I’d love to chat.

Vegan and clean beauty products are my thing— so if you’re struggling with your hair and skin or are just looking for clean products and supplements, I’m your girl.

Ask me if I have spots available for social media mentorship, they go quickly!

Talk soon,
XOXO, Whit
Your curly bestie

Product info  —

for the stylists and skeptics

I GET IT. you want the best for your clients and for yourself. ME TOO. Here’s a great resource that helps you to look further into the science behind the products, provided by professional product educators, whom are famous in the haircare industry for the work they do.

skeptics CLICK HERE