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Securely save your documents in your phone for forever

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This app is AI revolution in Astrology

Local drug information on app

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An offline app to help your SURVIVAL

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Find and share your EXACT location

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Reduce Digital Screentime

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Edit your mobile captures like a pro

Finding a home was never so easy

Sharing rides cheaper than OLA

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Wishbook B2B wholesale app review

about सर्व:

I believe in human experiences

So you are here.
First of all, how are you? ("Fine" is not the kind of answer I am looking for, speak up)
I know how life can be heavy for many of us at times, and to be lonely on the top of it hurts the most, nobody to share feelings with without the fear of being judged. So here I am to help.

Who am I? I am another human being who focused on critical thinking, psychology and people, through out his life.

What I do? An Engineer who choose to be a Experience Designer after his quarter life crisis, and now design/review experience of digital interfaces.

My Calling? searching...but I want to meet new people, explore new places and help each humble and courteous human being.

How can I help? I have been an active listener in the past and is post graduating in psychology. I can help you with a perspective so you can think through the things, which are troubling you, yourself and maybe move a step ahead.

Am I selling? No I am not selling, you can talk for free (atleast not till you ask me to sell any of my artwork or written work @uxreviewer).
I just need your support, connect with me on Instagram/Youtube by following and liking the post you like to show your support.


Broken Windows

a bait for an overthinker

I believe the snap that will catch your eye will resonate with the thought you are feeling right now

Neat Thoughts

You can only see 5 writing pieces
#motivation #life #self
(for more please follow me on Instagram@srvha)


Shaksiyat pehchan leta hun mein,
Guroor tha mera,
Tamaam dhoke mile,
Ab jaat-e-insaan se darta hun mein.

The Dawn

To the dark that rises,
Rises a dawn,
Where lie the strength,
To cope
with your darks
and win the wars,
Inside your heart!

Ordinary guy

Can you see me?
I am the ordinary guy
but ofcourse with the
nobel mindset
The person standing
next to you
looking quite opposite
with a delighted eye
to a candy jar
Can you see me?
I am the ordinary guy
The person you meet
at the bus station
offering food to a needy
from his brunch
when all he knows is
what it means
to be hungry
Can you see me?
I am the ordinary guy
The person who meets
you to ask directions
and in the path towards
you exchanged numbers with
because remember
I am a Nobel
who live nearby
Can you see me?
I am the ordinary guy
The person with the groceries
in a traffic on his
private jet just to
get a sound sleep
so that he can crush himself
some more tomorrow
to fuel his jet again
Can you see me?
I am the ordinary guy
The person who is with
you on a party night
and on the way home
not only you but me too
are scared about
a random sexangry youngster
certified by Yadav ji
doesn't come by
to show his powers
Can you see me?
I am the ordinary guy
but ofcourse with the
nobel mindset
The person who
have to be home
last by last metro
The person who
Who only respect people
who respect back
The person who
about other's opinion
Don't give a fuck!

On another road to bliss

On another road to bliss
To the soul's wish
A quest that re-emerges
Everytime you seek it,
A similar but new experience
Each time you achieve it,
Like the longing
Of the moonlit sky,
And those dotted stars
Creating a wonderworld
upside in the sky,
To the span of miles,
You can revolve your eyes,
To see
only the irresistible views
Spectacular, Magnificent, Bold
Whatever you call it
With each second's tick
you are feeling you
feeling complete
more in sync and unity
with the nature
And its every element
No notions, no emotions
Just Peace and Harmony!
I am on another road to bliss..

It is You

It soothes right?
Knowing there is someone
at the end
looking over you
to support you
whenever, wherever
That will listen to you
love you unconditionally
greet you good
understand your facts
guide you to sail
through your mistakes
and make them vanish
The hands which you
Turn to when you fall
And think if
that someone is 'you'
You look after yourself
You support you
You find your own mistakes
You find your true facts
introspecting in peace
For few this can
seem an absurd thought
But it's true
Now you are
on your journey
Find the 'how?'