Spring Equinox Self-Ceremony

Sunday 21 March, 2021

Guided Self Ceremony to welcome Spring, with a focus on balance. Exercise to honor a transition in your life.

Spring Equinox Self Ceremony

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Whole and Centered About Us

We are Whole and Centered

Our mission is to share tools to empower personal healing, to bring you back to your center. It is from this place that we can deepen our relationship with our own consciousness, and create collective awareness. Join us!

Whole and Centered Mission Statement

We are already abundant

We are instinctively whole. We have been created this way.

Arriving at our center allows us to receive guidance from our own inner knowing.

Growing awareness gives us the power to facilitate our own healing, acknowledge our own wisdom, and navigate our own journey.

We focus less on external circumstances and begin to take responsibility for our individual contribution to the collective.

Whole and Centered Mission Statement

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