- Hi -

I’m Ashlyn!

I am 24 years old, coming at you from a small town outside of Denver, CO.

I am a boy mama who loves all things natural living. Living a balanced & holistic lifestyle is everything to me! I am a 200 HR Certified Yoga Instructor. As well as a CBD & Essential oil advocate. I also have my own YouTube channel where I post vlogs & chats about mama hood, holistic living & all things yoga!
(Podcast Coming Soon - 2022)

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My YouTube Channel

Ashlyn’s Journey

New videos every Sunday!

This channel is all about motherhood, holistic living, and my yoga journey. I am a person who likes to continue to grow through every chapter of my life & I use this space to document my journey, my sons life & my experience with motherhood, & all ways I am striving to live a more holistic life everyday. Vlogs, sit down chats, and reviews. Thanks for watching, namasté.

Week in my life VLOG | getting back to yoga

STORYTIME | my birth story <3

VLOG: Day in my life with a newborn, ER storytime

Second Trimester Recap: Sex?! Symptoms?! Stretch marks?!

• My Favorites •


Here are all of my favorite things, linked for your convenience! Enjoy.

Teva Sandals

Fav everyday sandals as well as hiking sandals! Super sturdy quality, and they have lots of cute patterns! Highly recommend.

Teva Sandals

Hatch Sound Machine

A staple for our newborn baby boy & our sleep! Calms him down at bedtime & soothes him right to sleep. You can work it all from your phone. T gets up early for work & the hatch blocks out all of his noise & baby stays sleeping. Trust me you won’t regret it!

Hatch Sound Machine

Coffee Maker

I’m the type of gal who likes coffee every morning & going out for coffee is yummy, easy - but also expensive. I love this coffee maker because of how versatile it is. Has a water tank so you don’t need to fill it every time, heats up & dispenses quickly, can use a pod or has an option to do ground coffee, has an adjustable cup height so you don’t get coffee spatter everywhere (life hack for less cleaning), and also is single serve...which means no more wasted coffee!

Coffee Maker

Current Fav Sunnies

Love these sunnies. A little sassy, affordable & good quality.


Cast Iron Skillet

Quickly became one of my staples after I developed an iron deficiency during my pregnancy & wanted to find all of the natural ways I could boost my iron levels. Creates great flavor, easy to take care of & clean, boost iron in your food.

LODGE Cast Iron Skillet

Honest Baby Products

We use just about everything Honest for baby boy! Diapers, wipes, creams, soaps, lotions. All natural products that are gentle on his sensitive skin. Only the best for our bean!

Honest Baby Products

Tomee Tipee Binky

This is a baby boy favorite. He loves these & they help him calm down & self soothe.

Tomee Tipee Binky