It takes a Whole Sum of practices to power up your performance

Electra Tomasino - Psychologist

Are you ready to learn about how to apply the power of psychological science to drive high impact sustainable performance whilst having a low impact on the planet?

I am an accredited Psychologist specialising in Performance. I work with leaders in various small to large businesses to refine the way they lead themselves and others, to produce high impact outcomes.
- What rituals, structures and rhythms do they utilise to ensure they ‘show up’?
- How do they communicate? What are the stories they tell?
- How do they optimise their wellbeing to sustain this performance?
- How do they give back to others?
- What do they do to ensure they are a conscious and mindful consumer?

Throughout my career, I have had a burning passion to share the message of positive wellbeing. This led me to complete a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science and Human Movement AND a Masters in Psychology.
I strongly believe in the connection between mind and body when it comes to optimising performance.
Without any hospitality experience, I opened two health cafes by surrounding myself with an amazing team, my poor(very fortunate!) husband has had to ensure multiple renovations due to my love of building...not just houses, but also businesses and healthy habits.
Every day I am focused on something different due to every day learning - this is where I will share it.

This is not the place for perfect people, it’s a place for practice, learning and knowledge sharing. I am on my adventure and I want to share my meaningful moments and conversations with you all.

#ittakesawholesum to make a positive change.