Wicked Haze Candle Co.

In Honor of Hazel-Ruth

Wicked Haze Candle Co. presents:

Homemade & Handmade in our kitchen in Olathe, KS — these candles are made by folks who CARE about candles and how they can change the vibe of an entire room. We delicately craft our scents so that they are balanced and bright with a depth of flavour even Gordon Ramsay would appreciate.

Currently ONLY selling through Facebook Marketplace but working on Shopify. When you message include a wax choice from our pre-mixed scents and choose from the bases shown for $55. For an additional $10 choose and mix your own scents. You may also pick your base if you like a different one (price varies based on size, bases shown are included in the $55 price!!)

Give us a week or so to complete your order, we will stay in touch throughout the entire process. We do local pickup & drop off within the Kansas City Metro and within certain hours that we’ll schedule with you. (Our delivery team also works overnights elsewhere so thank you for understanding!)

Order our Cannabis Essential candles— releasing a 4x4oz luxury sample package August 2021 featuring the following candle scents—

Northern lights: honey milk with light peppermint and pine in a beeswax candle
Lemonberry Kush: blueberry, vanilla, patchouli, and sugar maple in a beeswax candle
Alaskan Thunderfuck: “freezing rainstorm” vibes— petrichor, ozone, clean linens, and a touch of eucalyptus in a soy candle.
Pineapple Express: A warm and tropical pineapple and coconut candle with a soy base.

Upcoming scents—
Gelato: mocha, cinnamon and sandalwood in a soy candle.
Cherry Pie: black cherry, vanilla, and cinnamon/light thieves in a soy candle.
Granddaddy Purp: Wildberry mix and with a touch of lavender and undertones of pine in a soy candle.
Sour Diesel: Lemongrass and Patchouli
Girl Scout Cookies: vanilla, cookies & cream
Blue Dream: blueberry Basil and wilberry mix undertones.
Strawberry Cough: strawberries and cream
Maui Wowie: papaya, mango, pineapple, coconut, and bright citrus overtones.
Bruce Banner: key lime and forestry undertones
Purple Haze: strong lavender supported by light touches of patchouli and vanilla
Tangerine Dream: straight sweet mandarin orange
Permafrost: Strong eucalyptus, peppermint, and light spearmint balanced to make your home smell like a cough drop!
Green Crack: strong pine with undertones of amber and vanilla

Pantheon Collection, releasing September 2021 as single candles and a sample box of 12 8oz candles ($89 value for $60!)
1. Zeus - patchouli and petrichor, a personal bias as we burn patchouli while playing in the rain
2. Poseidon - ocean water, peach, and sea salt
3. Hades (our only colored candle! 🖤) black sandalwood, mocha, and espresso
4. Persephone - pomegranate (obviously), vanilla, citrus and mango undertones
5. Athena (previously “— sandlewood, orange, peppermint, and patchouli
6. Aphrodite (previously “enchanted”) — vanilla, amber, and pine.
7. Artemis (previously “Moonlit”) — lavender, eucalyptus, and amber
8. Apollo (Sunlit) — Citrus, Sea Salt, Plum, and light peppermint
9. Aeolus (previously winterleaf) — (warning: will make your house smell like menthol cough drops so only order if you’re sure) heavy doses spearmint, eucalyptus, and peppermint
10. Dionysus — grape and champagne, wildberry and pine undertones. Great for parties! ;)
11. Hermes: bright, quick key lime and citrus
12. Hestia: warm, inviting vanilla and amber with clean crisp lemon undertones

Wicked Haze Candle Co.— what better a way to honor your late grandmother than to start a themed candle company? She would be so proud ;) Hazel’s passing in March 2021 left a lot of us empty, but grandchildren and siblings Liz and Charlie connected over their arbitrary love of candles, inspired by Queen Haze herself.

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