Get to know Widdyjo

Hello Ladies !!!!
My name is Widlyne but I am also known as Widdyjo. I am the founder and owner of Widdyjohairextension which is a black-owned hair company. We are located in the sunshine state in Miami, Fl. What made me choose the hair business route well there are many reasons behind it but one, in particular, is I wanted high-quality hair that didn’t shed a lot or get tangled a lot when brushing and combing it. So what started as a vision became a business plan to me. So I decided to do my own extensive research on hair extensions. Once I had to figure out all the necessary information related to the hair business and knowing the difference between his good and bad hair quality. My next step was building a team to help me start my brand. That was the fun part I got to network with many vendors got the first look on what’s new in wigs industry. Not only that I got to find the perfect vendor to help me bring my wigs obsession to life with only the best high-quality in wigs, bundles, frontals, and closures. Here at Widdyjohairextension we offer a variety of different textures and we have different ranges of length which start from 12”-40” and our prices are very affordable. Also what makes us so unique is all of our wigs are made from scratch which means they are handmade and handpicked for my clients. Which I feel is much needed because a wig is an investment that’s the crown we as beautiful black queens wear each and every day. Why not shop here with a hair company that has high-quality hair at an affordable that won’t shed or get tangled when you are brushing and combing it. Shopping with widdyjohairextenison you are not just shopping for ordinary wigs, bundles, etc you are shopping for top quality hair. We also take pride in all of our products and services that we provide to all of our clients. Hope you ladies enjoy your widdyjohairextension because it is handmade with love. ❤️