What this website includes


·˚ ༘ ⤜ here is what @wifeyscgd website includes!!
• about us!
• all fonts used currently! (haven’t found the theme yet for us so we will update this when we have!)
• coloring tutorial
• thank you note

Video Title

Video Title

Video Title

Thank you note!


thank you so so so much for 6k, it wouldn’t have been possible without every single one of you! I love you all with every single bit of my heart. I am so incredibly grateful for every single one of your guys’ support, i honestly would not have been the person I am today if it wasn’t for you guys! i also just cannot accept the fact that i have over 6,000+ people following us, its so crazy, thank you for everything, ily all, I would never be where I am without you all!! you all mean so so much to me and this is a dream come true!! i never thought i’d get here, so thank you!

colour tut


first, import the qr code in 24fps. it’s called “TAK3 ON M3” if you already have it! to find it you can search up on ‘uqbean’ on tiktok, and you can find it in her bio, milkshake website !
next, go to the app ‘prequel’, import your video, and do the following steps:
exposure: -50
contrast: -20
highlights: +50
shadows: -50
effect: dust:
filter: 15 dust: 100
then you would add your text! after adding the text, go back into prequel. select intro on the sidebar and scroll til you see ‘iris blur’ !