How I do my colouring on my videos!

I use prequel first, exposure (25) , contrast (5), highlights (30) , shadow (100) , aberration (60) , glow (10) , blur (50) , then go to filters and use teal #1 and make that (10) , then go to effects then use diamonds #1 (put it how you want) then after go to colourtone and use coogee at (100) then go back to prequel! To effects then at the bottom are a few choice like “all” “trends” scroll three that bit to mood then pick weather make that (0)


This is about my fonts and the app I use!

After all that then I go to vont! And the fonts I use are: garlic salt (for the donut circles put capital Q for the full circle then put lower case q for the circle that isn’t filled in) pink chicken (is what I use for the :: and my question!) kind heart (I use kind heart for my username then the date and my mood!)

After that I add the cupcake in the middle of the filled donut!


How I do the blur at the start of my videos!

After my question and I saved it I go back to prequel, then on the sides are like effects fillers go to intro! And pick irus blur!

Downloading fonts

How to down load fonts!!

This is just how to download fonts! So go to safari/google and type in
“Da Font App” then you press on the first thing that comes up then on the side by all the fonts type in all the fonts you want! Look at Tiktoks for fonts or use the ones I use! “Pink chicken” garlic salt” kind heart” I already explained how I use them! If you dint under stand go on TikTok and search “how to download fonts on the Da Font App” anyways yea bye! Ilysm (I love you so much)