About Wigz N Thingz

By Hannah Simone

As a working class young adult I always felt my life was so on- the- go. I never really had much time to worry about how I could make my natural 4C hair look cute EVERY single day. So instead, with the time that I did have; I dedicated it into figuring out different protective styling techniques…

I eventually came across the foundation of what it takes to wear a wig which is having your hair braided down. With that, I realized that my natural hair could still get all the correct nutrients it needed by oiling my scalp or even using aloe Vera, which has a number of positive affects on the hair shaft.

After realizing this, my natural hair became one of my least worries. I was now able to put on a wig not having to worry about damaging my natural hair…. Plus I was able to look and feel beautiful still with the addition of a new look. I could then go on about my day feeling confident all while tackling anything that comes my way.

This is our main mission here at Wigz N Thingz. Each unit that is made is to ensure that each Queen encountered gets a unit that is comfortable and fits their liking. We are dedicated to find the crown that helps you tackle your everyday obstacles, feeling as though you can get anything accomplished!

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