HELP! I'm a WILD MUMMA in #lockdown.

BUY YOUR E-JOURNAL TODAY! Document your experiences while living through Covid-19, to share with your children one day. 20% of profits donated to newborns in need of a supportive start. Only $13.80.


A special keepsake for your kids one day

A dedicated journal created for mothers worldwide in #lockdown, living through the Coronavirus that is Covid-19.

20% of the profits from the sales of these journals will be donated to The Neonatal Trust in NZ, a charity that supports the families of premature and sick full-term babies as they make their journey through neonatal intensive care, the transition homes, and onwards.

"Help! I'm a WILD MUMMA in #lockdown!" is the perfect way to document your unique experiences during this unprecedented period, and serves as a special keepsake to be able to share with your children one day.

During this time we will all be experiencing an immense number of feelings that come with this new-found territory. This is YOUR journal to document your daily (and somewhat unusual!) accounts, living life as a Wild Mumma in #lockdown.

Whether you’re a mumma of a newborn, or toddlers, or kids in school… This is relevant to you. What will you document about YOUR life in quarantine over this unique era, and what will you share with your kids one day?

How will you survive as a Wild Mumma in #lockdown?

Don't miss this opportunity to document your personal experiences, and your family's, while this becomes a pinnacle point in the History books.
And while doing so, you'll be making a great difference in the lives of other mummas too thanks to the support of The Neonatal Trust.

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