Wild Friends of the Earth Foundation

Wildlife sanctuary

We are a small wildlife sanctuary teaching the world about conservation and preservation of wildlife.

This is Sikozu

She is a Siberian Bengal tiger mix.

Sikozu was born with cataracts in both of her eyes and has had experimental surgery on one eye. She also has degenerative joint disease. We provide her with supportive care to make her comfortable.

This is Safari

Safari is a lioness and is native to Africa.

Safari came from a friend down south who donated her as a companion for Sikozu. Sikozu’s companion of 7 years passed away at 19 years old.
Did you know that there are more lion’s in the US, in captivity, than in the wilds of Africa? This is because of poaching for their body parts.

BLM Mustang

Orion is a registered BLM Mustang

Orion was captured outside of Nevada. BLM Stands for Bureau of Land Management. They capture wild horses when there is too many for the land to support. Then they are sent to be trained and start a new life in captivity. This is so that they will not have to be culled.

This is Spazzy and Grumpy

These guys are native to the African Sahara Desert

Fennec foxes are the smallest canine in the world. They used to be poached for their beautiful fur and were on the endangered list. Later it was found that they breed well in captivity and now they have reintroduced them back into the wild. They are doing very well now.

Gravy and Sunny

Zebu’s are native to Southern Asia

They are thought to be the oldest of domesticated cattle in the world. They are used for milk, meat and as draft animals in other parts of the world. In India they are sacred and are only used for milk and draft animals.


Benny was donated to the sanctuary. To protect our livestock and companion horses. He is a cross between a mini horse and a mini donkey.

Mules are used to protect livestock. They will kick and yell at any predators that are trying to hunt and kill: chickens, cows, ducks.... etc. This usually scares off the predator.

Eeek and Sassy

Eeek is a Caique and Sassy is a cinnamon Conure

Caique’s are native to the Amazon basin. And the Conure is native to the forests of South America. Birds do not usually make good pets. They are very loud and unpredictable. They are very cute as babies but then choose one person they like and can be very aggressive towards everyone else. The here is also a lot of illegal bird trafficking in the world .