Wildling Nutrition

Functional Nutrition & Health Coaching for Women

With 15+ years of experiential, technical and educational accreditation within the realm of beauty, self healing, functional nutrition, neural retraining, movement and wellness, as well as thriving as a modern day woman diagnosed and healed from Systemic Lupus myself, I found inspiration to focus in on nurture driven coaching practices for Women. Specifically, those with auto immune and chronic health conditions such as Lyme, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Thyroid dysfunction, Chronic Fatigue, Environmental Illness, Mold Exposure, EBV & HSV. I’m all too aware of the common medical practices that lack ethos and true cohesive care. If you are struggling through chronic illness or experiencing pain or discomfort daily, I’ll work with you as a guide to assist you in nurturing yourself towards a healthier, happier, carefree and more abundant life. Sign up for a free health evaluation and we can begin your journey towards personal discovery and self healing.
* NBC-HWC Certified.

Why Health Coaching?

We all begin as a wildling in some form. Guidance, accountability and a safe space to communicate can allow us to restore and rebuild upon the natural seeds we have sometimes, unknowingly misguidedly sewn. ~ Wildling Nutrition

What is Functional Nutrition?

Unlike conventional nutrition, functional nutrition is PERSONALIZED.

We are biodynamic and cellularly unique individuals. We each have specific food and lifestyle needs to function properly, thrive and feel our total best. Functional Nutrition focuses on life as a whole. What you consume on and off the plate. All the earth elements. All the love, energy and light. Through active listening, we go deeper into discovering the root cause of primary and secondary food imbalances, and offer the necessary guidance, tools and support for your healing and future life goals. ~ Wildling Nutrition

What’s your misdiagnosis?

“I ask, because often the root cause is not revealed in the diagnosis. The label assigned to fit the majority of your symptoms is.”

Book a Complimentary 50 min Health Evaluation

Send an email directly to DianaDencker@gmail.com

Please provide:
First and Last Name.
Contact phone number
Dates & Times Available for a 50 minute session.

In return, you’ll receive a health evaluation form via email. Please have this filled out and sent back to me 48 hours prior to your complimentary eval and intro to coaching session.

After our initial evaluation you will have the option to sign up for 6 months of coaching. 2 sessions per month. 10 sessions total. This is the amount of time proven to be guaranteed for a positive shift and beautiful life transformation.

Again, I only work with women for no reason other than that is where my experience and specialties remain focused.

*I am happy to work on a sliding scale. Please feel free to discuss any financial challenges or personal objectives and I will do my best to ensure you have access to my program.


What’s more wild than a Desert Rose? Even in the most torrid and desolate habitat, a wilding can begin to grow.