Wildlux Whiskey

Affordable, Cute, Trendy, and Comfy Western Fashion Wear

Hey Y’all! My name is China, I am 20 years young and I am in the sweet potato state known as Idaho! I started my boutique cause I love western fashion but I was never able to afford it. I was discouraged cause I wasn’t able to dress and be myself so I figured why not start a boutique that is basically my “dream closet.” I know I am not the only one who thinks it’s ridiculous to pay $30+ on a shirt so here is my boutique.. A place where you can dress and be you for a fraction of that price!

I named the boutique after me and my personality! Seems crazy but I would describe myself as a WILD, free spirited person! The LUX part of the name is about how I love to be “extra!” I love getting all dolled up with my hair, makeup and outfits! I always feel so great about myself when I take the extra time to boost my self esteem! And lastly the WHISKEY is because I am a country girl and grew up around a nice cup of coke and whiskey! So that’s how I came up with “WildLux Whiskey”


Making The Whiskey

A little bit about me! The person behind the Whiskey - Boutique. As you know I am 20 years young and live in Boise, ID. But did you know I was born in Bangkok, Thailand? And that both my parents are Thai so that makes me Thai also! And let me tell you!.. I love being a western loving Asian! As an Asian I’ve learn to love cooking for everyone no matter where we are! When I was 5 my mama, little brother, and I moved to the United States. My grandpa who has sponsor us to come here was a big outdoorsman! So naturally my first year in the states I learned how to camp, fish, and hunt! I INSTANTLY fell in love with everything that I haven’t stopped doing it since I learned! Every year I go hunting, every year I go fishing and camping! Everything about everything I learn was beautiful. The earth is so peaceful especially when your in the mountains! I am a student at a local community college and is getting my degree in Auto-body Technology and majoring in Welding and Marketing! I will be completed in 2023 and I’m so stoked!
I am dating my best friend named Dartanyon! He’s is so supportive with everything I do and he makes up all the names and puns for Wildlux Whiskey! We have been together for about a year now and fell more and more in love everyday! It’s so great being with your best friend! We have a sweet little kitty named Bagheera! And she is our baby girl! That’s my small family! I am so excited and ready for this journey for Wildlux Whiskey Boutique, I am working everyday to make sure my first launch is perfect! I’m testing every piece to make sure the quality is so perfect for everyone.


Graphic Tees < SNEAK PEAK >

Who doesn’t love a good graphic tee?! They can be dressed down or up! With layers or alone. I happily get the opportunity to custom draw and design all my own graphic tees! Stay tuned and updated for the Spring Collection called “SOUTHERN COMFORT” coming out in March 2021!