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MEMBERSHIP: Wild + Well-Fed Wellness Collective

Wild + Well-Fed Wellness Collective was created by two nutritionists on a mission to help women through a no nonsense nutrition approach that supports your female physiology.  We focus on root cause nutrition with an emphasis on minerals, hormones, and digestion.

You have the opportunity to work with me to order lab testing and purchase discounted nutrition courses within the membership.

No fad diets, no restriction and absolutely no bullshit here. Get ready for uncensored, real talks about nutrition in a community platform. 

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$19.99/ month

$199.99/ year

$349.99 VIP Package: women’s health and nutrition course + yearly membership

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Functional Lab Offerings:

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), DUTCH Hormone Panel, Saliva Hormone Panel, GI Map Stool Analysis, Full Thyroid Panel, and Comprehensive Blood Panels.

These can be ordered through the Membership.

Rewild Your Gut Course

This self-paced course is designed to help you overcome your uncomfortable digestive symptoms without restrictive diets and stressful protocols so you can enjoy food again and live a happier, healthier life. Includes protocols and quizzes to figure out where your dysfunction lies and how to tackle it and finally heal. 

In my practice we always start with gut healing. It is the first step at full body healing. Once your digestive system is in better shape you will notice improvements in all symptoms. You do not need need to be having digestive issues to benefit from this course. Upon purchase you will have immediate access to all content. 


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