Wild Wellness

What can we do when we feel Cursed By Chaos? We can rise above.

Find your niché. That is what every one, & every social media platform, has been telling me for the last year. And while I understand that some people do have one, along with their target audience, a niché just doesn’t suit me - or this mission that I am on.

I’m not in need of a target audience to market to, because while I have many things to offer, making a sale isn’t my goal. Helping others is, & always will be my number one priority. As for the audience I do have, or the people I am helping, I am not doing so by being a sort of guru on any one thing, or anything really. I am simply being authentic, vulnerable , & allowing others to see it.

So, while my approach to Wellness may be a bit too wild for some, it is what has become life-changing to me, & I have been told by others that it would be incredibly selfish to not share all the parts of my healing journey with the world. Who am I to decide what part, if any, will work for you? It certainly wasn’t up to the rest of the world to decide what would work for me. It wasn’t up to others what could heal me, both inside & out. It was only up to one individual person, & that person was me.

If someone were to tell me they survived 35 years of their childhood trauma on some sort of sick repeat while suffering nearly every loss imaginable, that they were able to lose 140lbs after 2 kids - without using a fad diet or a strict exercise routine, that they were able to kick 13 psychiatric meds to the curb - along with multiple incorrect mental health diagnoses, and that through the power of self-healing they not only learned to love themselves, but began thriving after a lifetime of surviving I would only have one simple question. HOW??

Well, if you find yourself asking that & would like to know - please feel free to check out any of my additional platforms in the links section & welcome to the wild side of wellness y’all ;)