My life in a nut shell

Hey there, it’s Will Kaiser👋 here’s a bit about me....I was born and raised in California but should have been born in Idaho🇺🇸🤪👊 I grew up and married my HS sweet heart and we now work and run a multi million dollar business together and have 2 beautiful little girls, an Aussie, and chiweenie 🤩 from the the time I grew up I have always loved competition from football, wrestling, baseball, then growing up in a high end custom woodshop working on some of the most expensive homes in the world. I had no choice but to keep those high standards and always strive to be #1 no matter what it was. So after working for the #1 cabinet shop for 15 years the wife and I decided it was time to check out Idaho since a couple friends moved there🙌 there’s where it all starts.

After visiting Idaho and falling in love one 3 day weekend we decided to sell our house, my wife and I packed up the kiddos and dogs and we were in Idaho 35 days later😳 so when it comes to Relocating we know what to do and not do haha. We instantly became the go to for anything when it came to moving.

We started a multi million dollar Real Estate business within the first year of getting our license.... we take pride in everything we do and treat others how we would want to be treated.... If I’m not out with clients or working 📲🏡 you’ll catch me out chillin with the fam, long boarding, paddleboarding, snowboarding, camping, shooting and anything outdoors I’m game!!!