Why I started Willow & Greene

Willow & Greene was founded in September 2021 with the goal to offer sustainable everyday essentials for the home. I am originally from England and have moved multiple times with my family prior to settling in Philadelphia.

Each move I was disappointed with the quality, range and design of everyday items we buy again and again, such as dish brushes, sponges, tableware and utensils.

Most dish brushes and sponges are made with plastics that take thousands of years to decompose, and most families replace their dish brush up to 5 times per year. I didn’t want to keep buying these plastic basics every time I moved.

With a background in corporate responsibility and sustainable business and a passion for design, I set to work on a sustainable homeware range using natural materials focusing on the aesthetics of each piece. I wanted these basic pieces to be celebrated and loved rather than hidden away and frequently discarded.

We’ve put together a kitchen starter kit including the essential pieces from our range to replace the plastic in your kitchen. This kit is a perfect gift for anyone moving into a new home.

We also designed a range of aprons for everyday wear, elevated from the traditional design to a classic closet staple fit for the modern home.

Using an apron reduces the need to wash clothes continuously and will reduce the use of harmful detergents as well as the energy used in every wash cycle.

We are continually working on new ideas and designs. Thank you for joining us on our journey.

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