Willow and Wheat Candle Co.

Creating custom candles and repour service

Hi! I'm Sherryl :-)

One day when 'decluttering' I found a LOT of 4 oz mason jars that I was going to donate to charity. But then thought, 'I wonder how difficult it would be to pour candles in them'. Wel,l that was the beginning of my new obsession. I began pouring candles for myself and my family.

I mean, why just fill the landfills with all of those used, pretty, candle vessels when they can be refilled?!

So here I am, ready to pour candles for you. Bring me your old, clean candle vessels or any heat & fire proof vessel that you would like to have transformed into a beautiful candle.

My candles burn at a relatively low heat of about 170 degrees. So the types of suitable vessels are endless.

I charge $1.10/oz poured. I will weigh your vessel prior to pouring and again after the candle is complete to determine the total ounces poured

I do charge an additional $3.00 per vessel if they need to be cleaned prior to pouring. Check out my 'Vessel Preparation' page to see how to clean your vessels before bringing them to me.

I use a blend of Coconut/Soy wax. It is a natural wax that is both paraban and pthylate free. It's beautiful and very soft. It has a wonderful scent throw (both cold and hot) and burns very clean and almost nothing remains when your candle is done.

I use natural, coreless, all cotton wicks. I have experimented with wooden wicks but have not been as happy with their burn performance.

I carry a huge inventory of fragrance oils. Check my 'Currently Pouring' page to see what I have in stock. (There may be times when I run out of a fragrance in the midst of filling an order. I will contact you and ask to choose another fragrance or if you'd like to wait for it to be restocked).

I do have a sample box that I can bring you when you drop off your vessels to me. You can smell the scents before you choose which you'd like me to pour.

I have not tried pouring with essential oils but would be happy to test if this is your preference. I will ask you to provide the oil. The ratio of oil to wax percentage is greater for EO's though so they may be quite a bit more expensive to pour.

I also have tealights (large and small), wax melts, and Reed Diffusers available.

Please reach out if you have any questions! I will be happy to chat with you ❤️

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Fragrances in Stock

Scent samples available upon request.

Winter Fragrances...

Frasier Fir
Reindeer Games
Candy Cane
Santa's Christmas Pipe
Peppermint Mocha
Apple Crisp
Mulled Wine
Peppermint Latte
Vanilla Latte
Pumpkin Latte

Customer Favorites ...

Whiskey & Oak
Oak Barrel Cider
Mahogany & Teakwood
Fresh & Clean
Lemon Blossom
Lemon & Lavender
Root Beer
Toasted Marshmallow

Spring/Summer ...

Flower Shop
Lilac & Lilly
Lilac & Lavender
Lemon Vetiver
Green Tea
Mango Tango
Pom Gin Fizz