Embarking on adventures from sea to summit…

As we all know, our dogs make their way into our hearts and our adventures become theirs, so I very much wanted my girls Willow and Marli to be a part of this exciting journey that I have embarked on (no pun intended) . That is why Willow is the star of the Willow Wanders logo and my new fur girl Marli, has been appointed the role of mischievous beach loving model.

Willow Wanders the idea started way back in November 2019 (yes it has definitely been a slow process but I wanted to get every little detail right). Being a Scuba Instructor in Australia and overseas I have developed a strong connection with the ocean and have seen first hand the impact our choices make on our marine life which is why I wanted to create something that was eco-friendly and hand made, that you can love and take with your furry best friend anywhere. I am so happy with the materials I have chosen to use in the creation of the product and when you receive your order, all the packaging is bio-degradable/ compostable (it’s taken lots of research, but how cool is that!).

Willow and Marli love going on adventures so I’m ecstatic we can tread with lighter paws on the environment.
Let’s embark on adventures from sea to summit together and come Wander with Willow.......(and Marli)•