hello, this is faye !

let's know each other !

as you can say, my name is faye, and here are also some facts about me :)

• she/her
• filo
• 07L
• pisces

english is not my first language so pls bare with my english 😻

_ im a kpop fan, my mains are nct and seventeen but i do listen to other artists too.
_ i don't really have a bias bcs i love them all but i can say that i love some members a little bit more hehe
_ my ults are : svt; jeonghan & wonwoo
nct; ten, winwin, yangyang

_ h0mopH0b!c, sasaengs, akgaes ( those who bring other members down ) misunderstandings, rac!st, antis, disrespectful ppl

_ blue, greetings, approachable ppl, understanding ppl, tbh i like everyone who doesn't go w the things i dislike, i treat you like how you treat me ^^

facts abt me
_ im not used to interact w ppl in socmed cuz i don't know how to approach them, i mean i can do the first move esp if i have the courage to, but i don't know how to keep the conversation going
_ there are ppl that i had interacted on socmed and all of them r nice, like idk how to explain it but i just like it. and sometimes when i see a post/comment abt yk sad things esp when they are from my mutuals, i want to comfort them or talk it out w them but i know that i also suck at comforting and i might say something that would make things worse. that's why i always say to myself that in some situations even tho you want, you shouldn't say anything.
_ i do things on my own, it always depends on my mood.
_ i respect everyone's opinion even if i don't agree, i just keep my mouth shut to prevent misunderstandings.
_ if i say no, it's a no. if i know that i can help then i will. if i ever refuse to something even tho i can do that, don't be mad.
_ i do maladaptive daydreaming and idk
if that's okay.
_ i won't hurt/hate someone without any reason, if i came to the point where i wouldn't hesitate to hurt them then let's just say they did vv horrible things to me or to my loves ones. i will forgive them but other than that, don't expect anything else.
_ i trust my instincts, wrong or right, but it still depends.

loving and supporting winwin isnt just a hobby, its a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled w thieves. its art, a hug from loved one, its everything u ever wanted, its everything u need.

- yunqis