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A library of amazing Wings Of Fire fan-fictions with amazing OC's (own charecters) and tons of different plots. A whole new world of Wings Of Fire! And all for free! Here you can write and read different Wings Of Fire fan-fictions! there will be new fan-fictions added every now and then so that you don't have to read the same ones over and over, and remember, you can add to this too and have your own fan-fiction being read by tons of other people!

A third continent? A new species? A new type of dragon? Who knows what amazing things you'll discover!

Queen glory agrees with me that you should read Wings Of Fire Fan-Fictions on this website, so i'd read at least one or she might come at you with her magical death spit!

Create your own Fan-Fictions and post them on here for others to read!

Your work is amazing, the world deserves to see it! And sunny agrees!

Do you wish that there were more Wings Of Fire books? If so, this is the perfect place for you! There are ton's of Wings Of Fire fan-fictions lined up and ready for you to read right here! there are so many new, cool things to discover here. Well, what are you waiting for? It's time to start the adventure!

And if you're hungry like my friend Clay over here, sorry, but this isn't a resturaunt!

Remember to have fun and enjoy!

The Fan-fictions are coming, they're coming to be read, they're coming to amaze you, for they're all amazing, the fan-fictions....Hooray!