My story

Fabulous after 50

Before ketones, I was a tired Mom not feeling so good about myself. I was miserable, 50lbs overweight and so frustrated. I had baby weight that I still needed to lose…and 20 years later, I was still working on it. I tried everything I knew but nothing kept the weight off. I felt STUCK and so ashamed.

One day a co-worker shared with me that she started drinking ketones and felt great. She was in a better mood, had more energy, lost some weight so I thought I’d gave it a try.

The best way to describe my experience…it was like a windshield wiper just wooshed my brain fog away. I didn’t even know I was struggling with brain fog and to my surprise I didn’t feel tired, I had lots of energy, food cravings were gone and after a few months I lost 35lbs.

And now 3 years later, I’ve maintained my weight loss, I still feel amazing and I have grand kids now so guess who gets to keep up and play with them, ME. This is magic drink goodness has changed my life.

Since drinking ketones, I am happier and so proud of myself. Now, I don’t follow the keto diet, I eat a whole foods low carb diet with some intermittent fasting. I drink ketones instead and it puts my body into Ketosis so I get all the same benefits of better focus and energy, mood boost, great sleep, maintain my fat loss and muscle preservation which is so important at my age.

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