About WithLoveCanela

Illustrations / Graphic Design

WithLoveCanela started in 2020 after I decided to do something with my insane free time during the Covid pandemic. I invested in an IPad and used my graphic design degree to create this business. I started drawing family portraits and practicing on my own photos as well as friends.

As time passed by, I decided I wanted to start growing to new platforms. I have designed a couple of logos for small businesses (if you’re interested in their info, message me) an have created dozens of illustrations.

I am beyond proud of my work and how big WithLoveCanela has expanded. My business is not a digital business anymore but has transitioned to pillows, mugs, canvases and more.

Hopefully you check out @WithLoveCanela and we can start to work together to create art, made with love ❤️

About releasing

Let Me Follow

My biggest dream of all has been to publish a novel and become a published frikken author!

This book was my hidden gem I have kept in the dark since 2014 and now have been offered a contract for it to be featured on WebNovels.

In the meantime, I have also been working with JerichoWriters in the UK to have this edited and hopefully published. The little exposure this book has gotten is simply though Wattpad.

I am finally ready to release the first 3 chapters on Wattpad and hopefully upload all of them.

I really hope you take some time of your busy day; get a good cup of coffee and read this book, that carries such great significance in my heart.