fact of me, my all merch and more

on this page about my merch

my idols is ariana millie and charli
of charli i have book by charli damelio
of millie i have 3 florence
of ariana i have 2 perfume, calendar 2022, cup, book,, ARIANA,, and 2 albums

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and my family

for start i have 4 siblings

i have 2 besties Natalia and Nancy
Nancy has got 11 years old like me,
Natalia has got 12 years old just like me
i has got 12 years old.
i have birthday 24th december Nancy 27th september and and Natalia have birthday 18th may.
i have 4 siblings
2 sisters and 2 brothers
my brothers has got 13 yr. old and 4 yr. old
my 2 sisters has got 6 yr. old and 3 years old
my bestie Natalia is from poland I lived there 6 years from kad I had 4 to 10 years then I moved to my country UK,
I can write a little and speak in Polish but I'm already starting to forget Polish but I like to make contacts with kudzmi with Polish then I do not forget about this country, my cousin lives there and on vacation jade to him!! but Nancy lived in UK we friends from 2 years to now hah! with natalia with natalia still but online.

about im think my followers

thanks for 100 followers!!!

actuality i have 100 followers i loveeee u, but I feel so that few people watch me I have about 2 comments and 4 likes under the videos but it's probably normal just starting my story on the Internet, I have 2 people with whom I write very often on tiktokU I have 2 other accounts that do not run them myself I run them with my Polish friends on one account I have over 5300 followers and on the other 6000 followers, but I still prefer to record for you on this account because I do not know everything well in Polish

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