Welcome ❣

↳ You can call me V/Vee/Vi/Vivi ✩✭✰

↳ My pronouns are She/They ✩✭✰

↳ I'm an INFJ-T and a 99 liner (basically a hagstay lmao) ✩✭✰

My journey as a STAY

☾ STAY since God's Menu era !
☾ I've never been into K-pop before Stray Kids.

☾ My bias is Han Jisung <3 I love that adorable Quokka with all my heart !

☾ Bluesung is superior btw

☾ I ult him but with Stray Kids it's impossible to only have one bias so I'm OT8 actually haha

☾ My bias wreckers are Lee Know and Changbin

I just started to follow Xdinary Heroes too and my biases are Gun-il and Jun Han (I promise it's not because they look like my ult (。•́︿•̀。) they're really talented) but this account is strictly for SKZ so I won't talk about them here. If you want to be XH moots, DM me and I'll follow you with my other acc.

Other than that, I don't have that big of an interest for other groups for now.

This is my rule : if you follow me, I follow you. If you unfollow me, I'll do the same ❣️

Before you follow me

Concerning K-pop

I became a STAY during God's Menu era and I already witnessed lots of things during that time.

∘°∘♡∘°∘ Firstly, do not follow me if you support Kim Woojin. I'm not an anti, I just don't support him. For me he doesn't exist anymore. I got nothing towards his fans (as long as they don't interact) but like I said, I want my account to be Stray Kids only. So wether it's him or other people, I don't want them on my tl ^^'

With that, I'm sorry to all the STAY multi because if you don't ult SKZ I won't follow back.

∘°∘♡∘°∘ Please don't be mad at me when I call Stray Kids with pet names (e.g : my baby, love, cutie, etc.) I'm not that delusional. Stray Kids are idols but that doesn't mean they're literally "mine" (although I probably will say that jokingly) I know my boundaries as a fan.

∘°∘♡∘°∘ I don't engage in fanwars. But my patience have its limits so don't tempt me.

Concerning things in general

-‘๑’- I'm a POC, I'm Aro and Queer 🏳️‍🌈 so if you are racist, xenophobic, transphobic and don't support LGBTQ+ people in general, DO NOT FOLLOW ME.

-‘๑’- If you're under 16, do not follow me.

-‘๑’- I speak English and French (they're not my first language so excuse if I make some mistakes cause I do lots of typo ಥ_ಥ )

-‘๑’- I have a life outside social medias and K-pop so I won't always be online. I don't interact that much either but hey, I still love ya :')

-‘๑’- You can send me DMs but don't expect immediate response. Sometimes I don't know what to say, I'm not very talkative...

-‘๑’- I cuss sometimes when it's too overwhelming (over good or bad things)

-‘๑’- Do not take everything I say seriously unless I say so. I'll put tone indicator when it's necessary.
I'll also put tw when it comes to sensitive topics but I probably won't talk too much about them since I want my account to spread positivity (at least I'll try to)

-‘๑’- I'm okay with nicknames, you can act like we're besties too I don't mind.

-‘๑’- Let's be respectful with each other. If I don't like your vibes, I'll yeet you (っ.❛ ᴗ ❛.)っ

I sometimes write and I've been wondering about posting them or not. Would you be interested ? It can be skz stories. Just let me know ! I'm not that good but it's an hobby of mine.

Do you want to read my stories ?