I’m Amy

I’m a mother, lover, natural caregiver, advocate, baby wearer, film photographer, book critic, lover of knowledge, late night snacker and a no topic’s too taboo kinda Woman. I believe in platonic affection, asking the uncomfortable questions, speaking truth and being unapologetically firm in my values.

My journey to birth work began after the traumatic birth of my daughter, Eva (you’ve heard that line before!). Just prior, I had begun working towards my Midwifery degree and was yet to recognize the flaws and abuse occurring within our industrialized maternity (and entire medical) system. When I realized I wasn’t the only person left shattered by their birth experience; I began educating myself. I found a community of people who were reclaiming their power, reclaiming birth, normalizing physiological birth, who were challenging the patriarchal beliefs still deeply engrained in the workings of our medical system and our MINDS!!! I had finally found my people and It became about so much more than preventing birth trauma. It’s honoring and holding space for the sacred transition from maiden to mother, it’s nurturing the nurturer, it’s challenging self-limiting beliefs, rediscovering the long-lost village.

I am now a committed advocate for the rights of Women and birthing people and I am dedicated to being a reliable, non-bias source of education so that birthing people can make informed choices and take back the control. I feel privileged to be on this journey and to be a part of the change that I foresee.

I offer birth and postpartum doula packages, which can be adjusted to meet the unique needs of the birthing person as I believe there is no one fits all approach.

I have a particular interest in perinatal mental health given my personal experience with antenatal and postnatal anxiety and depression. I am also called to support younger people throughout their pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

I offer my support for free to people from refugee, migrant and asylum seeker backgrounds, as well as younger persons who are lacking in support during this critical time. I can help you understand your rights and navigate our maternal health system. I will be by your side so you can birth your baby with continuity of care.

My promise:
I recognise that a positive birth looks different for everyone and I respect the autonomy of the birthing person.
I do not discriminate on based on age, gender, race or disability.

My qualifications include:
Certificate IV in Mental health
Certificate IV in Health Science
Current Bachelor of Midwifery student
Hypnobirthing supportive caregivers training
Neonatal resuscitation training
Senior first aid training
Manual Handling training
CPR training
National police clearance
Working with children check


A Sacred Birth (Birth)

• Obligation free meeting
• Three antenatal visits including birth mapping
• Access to my extensive resource and book library
• Unlimited phone and email support
• Film photography during your labour, birth and postpartum (when appropriate or requested)
• Access to TENS machine
• Access to birth pool
• Access to CUB
• Affirmation cards
• Film photography to document your pregnancy and burth
• On call for your labour and birth from 37 weeks gestation
• Postpartum visit + birth debrief
• Gifts and treats (your favourite things!)
• Breastfeeding support (if needed)
• Quality referrals
• Back up Doula

The Golden Month (Postpartum) (NOT TAKING ON NEW CLIENTS)

• Obligation free meeting
• Postpartum planning session
• Birth debrief session
• Six postpartum visits
• Light errands and cleaning
• Food prep
• Unlimited phone and email support
• Nutritious meals and snacks
• Gifts and treats (I never turn up empty handed!)
• Two postpartum massages with a qualified therapist
• Breastfeeding support (if needed)

Last Minute Birth Support

Please contact me for more information.

Birth Planning Session (90 minutes)

Via zoom or in person.
Please contact me for more information.

Birth Debrief Session (90 minutes)

Via zoom or in person.
Please contact me for more information.

Film Photography Session (90 minutes)

View some of my photography via @birthonfilm on Instagram.
In addition, all photography on this website mine.

Please contact me for more information.

Get In Touch

[email protected] 0451477507