Some Women ride Miniature Horses for Sexual Pleasure

Women claim to have had their best sexual experiences on the back of their miniature horses!

When asked, "What is the best and most rewarding way to get aroused?" Some women say sexual intercourse with their significant other, while others use toys to stimulate their sexual desires. The most unusual but apparently the most "rewarding" is riding a miniature horse!
"Something about being in control really gets me going, and the use of toys like dildos and whips makes it go even further!" Says Interviewed 1.
"I like to strap my 6 inch dildo to the saddle on my mini, and when he moves just right, the experience is better than I have ever imagined!" Says Interviewed 3.
"It feels so sexy to be dominating and in control! I use my whip which makes it ten times better! Here's a tip, standing up in the stirrups and bouncing down on the back helps put the dildo deeper." Says interviewed 4
Many women have said they had their "Greatest Orgasms" on their Miniature horses, but the "Greatest" only happen when you wear the right attire. Here are the most "rewarding" pieces of clothing suggested by these daring ladies:

• T-shirt (Tight)
• Crop Top
• Corset (Tight)
• Bra
• Nothing

• Jeans (Tight)
• Leggings
• Mini Skirt
• Thong
• Nothing

• Converse (High-Top)
• Riding Boots
• Boots (Thigh-High)
• Heels
• Nothing

• Riding Crop (#1)
• Spurs
• Dildo (Any Size)
• Butt Plug
• Vibrator

• Miniature Horse ( EX: American Miniature)
• Saddle ( English Saddle Preferred)
• Reigns (Any)
• Feed
• Hygiene materials (EX: Hoof Clippers, grooming brush, etc.)

Many of these women interviewed have experienced the best orgasms in these clothing choices. Many of these ladies keep this "fetish" to themselves, as they don't want to be judged by others of their secret "arousing tactics." It isn't only rewarding for themselves, as many have said that their significant other was "Hard as can be" after seeing them climax on the back of their mini!
"Whenever I climax on my mini, I see out of the corner of my eye, my husband standing there enchanted by the sight of me enjoying myself. The look on his face was priceless! He was also very good in bed that night as well." Says Interviewed 1.
"I see my husband look as if he wants to jump on behind me and enjoy himself with me, but I don't think he'd ever enjoy it as much as me." Says interviewed 3.
"My wife and I sometimes ride double on my mini and enjoy the ride together! We climax twice as fast, but the mini tires out twice as fast too. I guess he can't handle being ridden by two beautiful women, what a shame." Says Interviewed 7.
This is by far the most unique way women have satisfied their sexual desires but said by most interviewed, it is the most "rewarding and enjoyable" orgasm they have ever experienced. Maybe the next time you think about getting a new pet, consider getting a miniature horse. Not only for it's cuddles and cuteness, but another way your wife and you can enjoy on "Those Hot and Romantic nights together."