Hi beautiful souls, my name is Jess and I’m an intuitive healer whose mission is to assist others in deprogramming from our colonial / patriarchal society. Guided by Mother Divine I am able to read other people’s energy, can sense what they are not saying, and thus provide intuitive guidance, even via online platforms.

My particular abilities align with assisting others in integrating their unconscious programming, wounds, and suppressed inner child expression into their conscious awareness. This process is referred to as Shadow Work, which was coined by psychologist Carl Jung. This form of healing acknowledges that all people are both shadow & light and that our duality is what makes us human beings. By diving into our shadow work we are also able to reconnect with the parts of us that were suppressed due to external shaming, non-acceptance, complex trauma, or from living in a fear-based society. I also assist other womxn in reconnecting to their Goddess energy and wild spirit. By offering customized healing services, I hope to assist others in getting back to their true soul’s purpose. Together we are building a multidimensional community rooted in love, sovereignty, unity, and justice.

Sending love & activation!

About Me —

I’m a multifacted healer & artist

I’m a first generation college student and a cycle breaker. I was a parentified child and thus had to navigate several rougher waves throughout my childhood and young adulthood. The healing, lessons learned, and growth truly never ends. These cycles of release and evolution are quite magical.

My calling and mission is to assist other’s in remembering their authentic selves and soul’s purpose. I do not offer therapy services but can recommend licensed therapists if you should require one. I’m offering intuitive healing & writing and coaching sessions.

In addition to my healing services, I model womxn empowerment by expressing myself through many art forms. From a young age I loved drawing, painting, crafting, and dancing to stay grounded. I’m also a poet and writer. The past few years I have felt more confident in expressing my queer identity and sexuality. I hope to inspire others to release their conditioned feelings of shame and/or embarrassment associated with erotic art & pleasure.

Peace & Blissings to you!

Shadow Work Session —

During a shadow work session which is conducted via voice message exchange: we will examine some of your shadow parts (suppressed parts of your identity/trauma, background) to transmute them into your awareness. This form of healing acknowledges the importance of examining our subconscious programming and inner child wounds.

Shadow parts also include aspects of our identity that we were not able to express authentically due to external shaming, lack of acceptance and/or awareness. By bringing these “hidden” parts of our selves to light, we are able to better align with our true purpose and contribute more authentically to the collective healing and revolution.

Shadow Work Questionnaire

My Writing —

Healing is a Lifelong Commitment

Sometimes I fail to acknowledge
how far I’ve come from the corner.
How much I’ve prioritized
healing since breaking open, on the floor.

Then there’s the memory issue.
A common battle scar of deprivation.

Sometimes it’s because I don’t allow myself
to hold both the agony and blessing of having both parents break my heart. I keep falling
back into that “good vs. bad” mentality when
I know now there are no bad or good emotions,
only fleeting ones.

There are the ones that led to the collapse,
the break,
the surrender.

There are the ones that I can’t explain
with words, only with my hands and feet.

The reality of being the cycle breaker means you have to simultaneously forgive the people who abused you because love is the only way out, while also maintaining boundaries and inner peace.

You also have to face your own bullshit.
The inherited genes and conditioning of white inferiority. The normalization of violence, shaming, and lying.

This work is not done in one sitting, not even within one year. This process of deprogramming, unlearning, and healing is a lifelong commitment. It is the only way.

My loves, go on and break open.
I’ll be there to catch you.

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